On The Issues

Economic Development – Over the past few years our borough council has worked hard to reinvest in our infrastructure as well as obtaining grants to assist in the development of our old industrial sites. While the work is not yet done we are moving forward with various projects in the borough that will bring mixes of housing and retail. Our council has also worked with our Downtown Carlisle Association to ensure that new businesses are being brought into our downtown to add to our already wonderful businesses.

Open and Transparent Government – Sean’s time as a Right to Know Officer allowed him to be in the middle of many citizen vs. government issues. Citizens should have positive interactions with their government and it should never be viewed as a last resort for a citizen in need. Open and honest dialogue between a citizen and their government is essential for every community. Sean used his position as a Right to Know Law Officer to provide citizens with a full response as soon as possible. He took time to interact with citizens and explain the response to their request instead of leaving the citizens to figure it out. Borough Council added a Public Information Coordinator position to our borough staff. This important position informs citizens of various borough events and issues. This new position expanded the borough’s transparency and Sean feels Carlisle is one of the most transparent governments in Central PA.

Public Safety – First responders are any borough’s most important asset. The men and woman who work tirelessly to keep the community safe should be commended and supported to the fullest. Finding ways to fund public safety at its highest levels is a top priority for Sean. A safe and protected community allows everything else to thrive. People do not want to live, work or visit an unsafe community; Carlisle is very safe and Sean will work to keep it that way and improve that in any way possible. During his first term Sean was part of the borough purchasing a new firetruck. Additionally, over the past two years borough council was able to add two additional police officers without raising property taxes. Carlisle is heading the right direction with crime data showing crime has dropped in the borough the past three years.