Why I’m Running for Reelection


I am excited to announce my intentions to run for re-election to Carlisle Borough. When I chose to run in 2015 it was with a strong belief in our Carlisle community and a plan to move us forward. Now, three years into my term I feel confident in saying our council has done the type of work our community elected us to do.

I believe our community is our greatest resource; every decision I have made during my time on council was done with the best interest of our over 18,000 residents with the hope of making Carlisle a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family. In the coming months I will be asking again for the support of those people I have been lucky enough to serve and I am looking forward to continued conversations throughout the borough.

On borough council we have worked together to get things done. At the local level we cannot afford to not work together or to have late budgets, our decisions directly impact Carlisle on a daily basis. That is why I am proud of the work we have done to make our resident’s lives better: whether it was not increasing property taxes in the past two years; hiring two additional police officers without raising taxes; or working to ensure that no resident of the borough will be discriminated against. As a council we also made decisions to invest in our infrastructure, to approve much needed affordable housing, and to hire a public information officer to keep our borough residents up to date on issues.

Over the past three years we have worked to make our community safer for our residents, and data reflects this with a three-year drop in crime. We worked to make sure we had one of the best downtowns in our state; ask any resident or visitor and they will tell you our local shops and restaurant are the best in the area.

To be clear, we can’t afford to move our borough backwards. Any bad policy decision could impact our future development, our business climate, and our accomplishments over the past three years. That is why I look forward to building on our momentum and moving Carlisle forward to the benefit of all of our residents.

I’m ready to continue earning your support.